John le carre explains the perils of being a spy in his novel

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David John Moore Cornwell (born 19 October ), better known by the pen name John le Carré (/ l ə ˈ k ær eɪ /), is a British author of espionage novels.

During the s and s, he worked for both the Security Service and the Secret Intelligence Service. My witty little thought about this book was, this is sort of what Pynchon might write if he wrote a minor novel about the internet, oh but wait Pynchon just published his own minor novel /5.

And now, with Le Carré in his mid’s, we surely have in A Legacy of Spies what must be the final novel that will feature our hero. A Legacy of Spies begins with George’s right hand man and protégé, Peter Guillam, now long retired and living in his ancestral home in Britanny, France.

George Smiley is back. More than 25 years since his last appearance in a John le Carré novel, the anti-James Bond returns in le Carré's newest hardcover, "A Legacy of Spies." But to Founded: Sep 18, John Barnes has always been a surprisingly challenging author (his repertoire of authorial motifs often includes sexual violence, repellant protagonists, deliberate antagonism of his core-SF audience, tragic endings, and at least one novel in which the entire universe surrounding the protagonists changed every few pages) and in his case, I.

John le carre explains the perils of being a spy in his novel
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