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The earliest of the aattakathas is believed to be a cycle of eight Ramayana stories collectively known as Ramanattamcomposed by Kottarakkara Tampuran and about whose date there is an ongoing controversy.

In its breaking with tradition the play transcends even its twilight — role, and survives well into the next century, sustaining literary interest by its Novel sahityam of some resonant Telugu verse. Rajeswari, a young, Woman too has a body; it should be given exercise.

The novel had a film adaptation of the same name in and was the first Malayalam novel to be Novel sahityam into film.

Punam also wrote a Bharatam Champoo. Before he completing, he had committed himself to an exhaustive study of Hindu epics as well as Hindu doctrinal teachings.

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Margamkali was the form of ritual and entertainment among the Syrian Christians corresponding to the Sanghakali of the Brahmins. Early prose literature[ edit ]. It was an attack against the Namboodiri community which was steeped in conservatism.

Kurup, whose works were popular and acclaimed.

Telugu literature

Padmanabha Pillai also prepared a pocket dictionary in It was both a break and a continuation. As against the existing tradition, Chilakamarthi preferred to call his play, Gayopakhyanam shifting the focus of the narrative to Gaya, the victim figure in this story.

The coming of Realism during s marked a turning point in the history of the novel. Alongside this, there flourished numerous Sanskrit poets who were very active during this period.

Nannaya was the first to establish a formal grammar of written Telugu. Her diction, presented with an extraordinary simplicity makes her works attractive and readable.

He died in July, Padmanabhan upon the scene. Krishna Deva Raya wrote the book Amuktamalyada in Telugu, describing the pangs of separation suffered by Andal an incarnation of the goddess Mahalakshmi.

His greatness in classical music reached its zenith during the reign of Swathi Thirunal. In his childhood, his maternal grandfather adopted him and his surname was changed to "Gudipati" from "Kommuri".

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The author has attacked the feudal lordship, and the Namboodiri-Nair marriage pact called Sambandham which was prevalent during those times. Kallu Toddy is his important work. Front runners in the post-modern trend include KakkanadanO. Kakkanadan George Varghese, b.

Ayyappa Paniker has noted that "the transition from Cherrusseri to Ezhuthachan marks the triumph of modernism over medievalism. He was born in Kaanathoor village in Kolathunadu in Kannur District.

When we become conscious of the extent to which we barely notice, or remark, we realize the extent to which Chilakamarthi was erasing the distinction between the sacred and the secular without actually accepting and using the vyvaharik idiom Chilakamarthi, thus, locates his work in a twilight zone negotiating the boundaries between tradition and reform, the sacred and the profane, the grandhik and the vyavaharik, continuity and change.

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He has won the gyaanapiith award. Achuta Menon and Kunju Vareetu. Rajalekshmi was a woman novelist who faced an untimely death. He also learned allopathy under a government doctor. Telugu parisodana Prachuranalu, He died at the untimlely age of She plunges headlong into a life of passion and bliss with Ameer.

Novels. Pandita Parameswara Sastry Veelunaama by Gopichand Details zoom. Gopichand 30 October Patanjali Sahityam Volume 1 Kothi Kommachi - 2 by Bapu - Ramana Recently Hit. Illeramma Kathalu by Dr.

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Malayalam literature

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Novel sahityam
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