Write a list of three tips for tornado safety kids

If you smell gas, open the windows and turn off the main valve. If possible, lie flat and cover your head with your arms. On the Road The least desirable place to be during a tornado is in a motor vehicle.

If you live in a mobile home, go to a nearby building, preferably one with a basement. If you are in open country, seek shelter in the nearest ditch.

The Causes & Effects of Tornadoes

Multiple vortex - A tornado with more than one spinning tube of air. It is usually abbreviated as the "EF" scale. Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen in case of emergency, and make sure you know how it works.

Prepare an emergency kit for your vehicle with food, flares, booster cables, maps, tools, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, sleeping bags, a flashlight, batteries, etc.

Top 3 Tornado Safety Tips

However, it takes more than just a thunderstorm to cause a tornado. Floods can result from a number of conditions, but heavy, sudden rainfall is the most main cause. Make sure everyone knows where to go in case a tornado threatens.

For added protection, get under something sturdy such as a heavy table or workbench. Discuss with your family where the best tornado shelters are and how family members can protect themselves from flying and falling debris.

For instance, in a department store, get up against heavy shelving or counters. If your home is uninhabitable because of tornado damage, your homeowners or renters insurance provides coverage for additional living expenses ALE such as hotel bills or meals out.

Do we call if we see a stranger trying to break into our house. So if your alarm is more than 10 years old, you should install a new one. This entry was posted in Articles. Call your emergency contact—a friend or family member who does not live near the volcano—and have the phone available if you need to report a life-threatening condition.

Don't rush to sign repair contracts. Fill sinks and bathtubs with water as an extra supply for washing. A fire in the home, an intruder trying to enter the home, or an unconscious person are all important times to call for help. If you are in a mobile homeget out.

Catchy titles for science projects can make the reader enthusiastic. Role playing is a wonderful way for preschoolers to learn. You can enter subjects to generate titles related to them. Most such buildings hit by tornados cannot withstand the enormous pressure.

If possible, cover yourself with a blanket or sleeping bag to add some additional layers between yourself and the elements. Take photos of any damage. Talk to your insurance professional if you have any questions about any part of your insurance coverage. Waterspout - A waterspout forms over water.

Dark greenish skies Dark, rotating, low-altitude cloud Loud roar, like a train Despite the fact that meteorologists are now better able to predict them, tornadoes can strike with little warning.

The range of these radios depends on where you live, but the average range is 40 miles. Do we call if we get into a car accident.

Tornado Safety Tips

If you have to walk in water, walk where the water is not moving. Mobile homes can turn over during strong winds. It is also very important to teach your students about stranger safety. Earth Science for Kids Weather - Tornadoes Tornadoes are one of the most violent and powerful types of weather.

A photographic record is useful when making insurance claims. They consist of a very fast rotating column of air that usually forms a funnel shape.

When atmospheric conditions are right, tornadoes can strike with little warning and cause grave amounts of damage in a very short time. If there is no basement, go to an inside room, without windows, on the lowest floor.

Tornado facts and safety

Action Play Use roll play and allow the students to practice calling with their peers. If small children live in or visit your home, use a safety gate around your fireplace or wood stove.

Fire Safety Tips. Check Your Smoke Alarms. Remember to keep space heaters at least three feet away from anything that can burn, and always closely supervise children and pets when the heater is turned on.

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Emergency Preparedness: Tornado Safety The Minnesota Literacy Council created this curriculum with funding Extreme Cold Safety () 11 5. Write a list of as many clothes as you can that people should wear in winter when it is Children like to play near them, but the water might flood. b. Children like to play near them, but the.

Keep up with Mother Nature

–All schools, shopping centers, nursing homes, hospitals, sports arenas, stadiums, mobile home communities, and offices should have a tornado safety plan in place, with easy-to-read signs posted to direct everyone to a safe, nearby shelter area.

Safety is a primary issue, as are mental and physical well-being. For specific health, safety, and rebuilding guidelines regarding recovery, please see the FEMA Web site. For more on hurricanes, see common hurricane facts and questions, how to measure hurricane strength, and a list of hurricane names for the current year.

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Safety Tips

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Write a list of three tips for tornado safety kids
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